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Illegal residents of Mbaza-Miduha asked to return home


Oct 20, 2023

CIBITOKE October  19th (ABP ) – The governor of Cibitoke province, Câreme Bizoza, has given only two weeks to illegal residents of the locality of Mbaza-Miduha, Rukana 2 village to move and return to their homes.

He made that declaration on Tuesday, October 17, 2023, after a meeting he held on site, for representatives of more than 400 families living in that locality, located a few meters from the common border (Rusizi) , Burundian-Congolese.

For some natives of the locality, the governor promised them plots of land, in the village located in Binyange on the same village. Until November 1, no house is authorized to remain in that location, far from schools, healthcare facilities, and a few meters from the Rusizi River, a locality singled out for loincloth fraud and others, -he clarified.

As for agricultural exploitation, Governor Bizoza promised its continuity, but that farmers must return home or rent houses in Rukana, if they come from other communes in the province.

Note that the first cases of cholera, which are prevalent in Rugombo commune, most often begin in Rukana 2, and precisely in the locality of Mbaza-Miduha, where there is a total absence of drinking water.