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The “Nursery for Complete Development” Cooperative contributes to the self-development of its members


Oct 10, 2023

BUJUMBURA, October 10th (ABP) – The Nursery Cooperative for Complete Development (PDCO) contributes to the self-development of its young people, Mr. Thérence Sibomana, chairman of the management committee of that cooperative, told a check by ABP during an interview, in the afternoon of Friday October 6, 2023.

According to him, the cooperative started in 2021 with the activity of community financial grouping for loans and savings. He explained that with that community financial grouping, they were able to collect money, with which they bought a plot of 9 acres in Mitakataka, Bubanza province.

He indicated that with that plot they were able to set up a mortgage which allowed them to have a loan of 20 million to the CECM. Thus, they were able to buy another plot in Tenga, Kinama zone and were able to buy other plots next to that of Mitakataka to total 36 acres.

With that space, the cooperative was able to implement different projects, including two public bars, one of which is on the Tenga plot and the other in Carama where the cooperative has rented. Both public bars have equipment equivalent to 260 lockers, 71 chairs including 60 plastic chairs and 11 wooden chairs and 8 counter shelves, he said.

The cooperative was able to hire seven young unemployed people. Five of them have university degrees (bachelor’s degrees) and two others have general education certificates.

The chair of the said management committee also reported that in the 36 acres of Mitakataka in the province of Bubanza, the cooperative plans to build a reception room, the rice storage shed, mills, shops, rabbit breeding and pigs and a service point for loans and savings.

He further indicated that the State lent them an area of five hectares in Gihanga, with which they began to cultivate maize, soya, and squash. We also plan to grow cotton there in January, he added.

He took the opportunity to thank the government of Burundi which spares no effort to encourage young people to team up in cooperatives in order to combat unemployment. He also called on young people who fold their arms without doing anything, to engage in income-generating activities, whatever the working conditions.

Note that those young people who form that cooperative have different levels and training courses. There are those who have general education certificates, technical diplomas and university degrees.