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Visit from the provincial administration to orphans raised by the Bene Bernadette sisters


Sep 14, 2023

KARUSI September 14th (ABP) – A large basket full of beans, maize seeds, soaps of different qualities and juices of several kinds was offered, Tuesday, September 12, 2023, to orphans raised by the Bene Bernadette sisters of Karusi, by the administration, headed by the governor Mrs. Dévote Nizigiyimana.

The collection of those foodstuffs is done at the communal level, said Mrs. Nizigiyimana, who thanks everyone who made a gesture.

Sister Rosette Mukezimana, head of the orphanage, admitted that the basket is full but indicated that the needs are multiple. The orphanage has 20 babies on site and 25 weaned children who are followed in their vulnerable households. She added that the orphanage has a large space but barren land requiring organic fertilizer; hence animal husbandry is necessary to procure manure.

She also noted that her congregation welcomes newborn babies particularly, which requires constant milk, which also justifies the need for dairy cows belonging to the orphanage, said Sister Mukezimana.

Indeed, she underlined, apart from the interventions of benefactors as the administration had just done, the members of the congregation who work in education, in the health sector and elsewhere, offer their bearing to those orphans.

Nevertheless, the congregation supports six orphan reception centers with overflowing numbers, announced Sister Mukezimana who implores the generosity of everyone, to make those children of “God” live easily.