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Natives to the new province of Buhumuza are determined for development


Sep 5, 2023

CANKUZO September 5th (ABP) – The natives to Buhumuza province, according to the new administrative division, met on September 2, 2023 at the headquarters of Cankuzo province, in a meeting to exchange ideas contributing to the construction of the new province for its development.

The governors of Cankuzo, Muyinga and Ruyigi provinces indicated that this new province is full of vast land favorable for agriculture, mining resources, tourist sites, trade, lakes, but also the strength of the people as assets for development whether they will be well harnessed.

The participants proposed the establishment of technical commissions to update the various statistical data in order to transform weaknesses and threats into strengths and opportunities for development. They also suggested the establishment of a framework for exchanges between farmers and traders to better develop those sectors.

This was when expert Sévérien Nitunga called for the implementation of strategic planning for the well-being of the population. To that end, he provided advice to the natives of the new Buhumuza province to direct its economy not only to consumption but also to investment. It is for that reason that expert Nitunga suggested training the people to work for overproduction with the aim of proceeding with the implementation of other investment projects.

However, according to the first deputy speaker of the National Assembly, Mrs. Sabine Ntakarutimana, any possibility of development must go through love of others and labor, as well as the keeping of peace and tightening of security.

The three governors Boniface Banyiyezako, Jean Claude Barutwanayo and Emeranciènne Tabu are committed to raising awareness among the people for a change of mentality in order to adapt to the new administrative structure. However, they cited the lack of tarmac roads on the Burundian-Tanzanian borders, passing through Gisuru commune to Ruyigi and Gahumo from Mishiha commune to Cankuzo, as barriers to development and demanded their construction.