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The census will be carried out since August 2024 whether it will be raining or snowing


Sep 1, 2023

GITEGA August 31 (ABP) – The Prime Minister of Burundi, at the same time chairman of the national census orientation committee “CNOR”, Mr. Gervais Ndirakobuca, proceeded, on Thursday August 31, 2023, in Gitega (center of the country) to the official launch of the activities of the bodies of the general census of population, housing, agriculture and livestock, “RGPHAE”.

In his presentation, the director general of the National Institute of Statistics of Burundi (INSBU), indicated that this census is an operation which consists in collecting, grouping, evaluating, analyzing and publishing demographic, economic, social and farming data, relating at a given moment to all the inhabitants of Burundi. He also indicated that this census will be carried out throughout the national territory taking into account the current division of provinces.

                                                                                                                                                                             View of the participants

In his speech, Mr. Ndirakobuca indicated that the country has already recorded two years of delay to carry out this census, which, according to him, will be very beneficial in different structures of the national life of the country. To that end, he called on the governors of the provinces and the communal administrators who are the chairpersons of the committee responsible for the orientation of that census in the territorial entities to take ownership of this work, because, he added, once again failed, all will have to resign from their positions.

The Prime Minister thus indicated that, whether it will be raining or snowing, this census will be carried out since August 2024 in order to have reliable data which will be very useful in the 2025 elections. This census will provide in addition to basic data for gender analysis, spatial analyses and mapping of basic social services infrastructure such as health, education, water, electricity, market and poverty monitoring.

He called on governors and communal administrators not to neglect this census, because, he said, the recalcitrant will be suspended from their duties and will be immediately replaced to ensure the smooth running of activities. He also called on them to cut short with familiarity when hiring census takers. He specified that each enumerator must be a native of the village or neighborhood in which they will work.

The Prime Minister called on the national management of the National Institute of Statistics of Burundi to pay via electronic means in order to avoid delays from banks. Note that Burundi has already carried out three censuses respectively in 1979, 1990 and 2008.