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Meeting in Ngozi with natives of the new province of Butanyerera


Aug 14, 2023

NGOZI August 14th (ABP) – The natives of the new province of Butanyerera, working in Bujumbura and in other provinces of the country, met on Saturday August 12, at the Agasaka stadium in Ngozi. The ceremonies were honored with the presence of the Speaker of the National Assembly, Gélase Daniel Ndabirabe. In their words of welcome, the governors of the current provinces that make up Butanyerera, namely Ngozi, Kayanza and Kirundo, commended that meeting which aimed to get to know each other to start planning common projects for that new administrative entity. Interior, Community Development and Public Security Minister Martin Niteretse thanked the three governors, and called on political party leaders to follow the administration’s lead in organizing such meetings, as the new administrative reorganization will come into force soon in 2025. He provided advice to the administration and to the people, focusing mainly on the fight against fraud

For Minister Niteretse, the fraud of products such as sugar, cement, Brarudi products, constitutes a red line not to be crossed. In his speech, the Speaker of the National Assembly also commended the organization of that meeting. He returned to the long course which led to the adoption of the law on administrative redistricting establishing only five provinces, including Butanyerera.

After Burundi regained peace and security, it remained to reflect on how citizens can have the dividends of peace and security, found in a democratic country. The new administrative redistricting aims at decentralization in all its dimensions. Only five provinces will remain including Burunga, Bujumbura, Gitega, Butanyerera and Buhumuza. 42 communes are also selected throughout the territory. In Butanyerera province, eight communes are selected, namely Ngozi, Kiremba, Tangara, Kirundo, Busoni, Kayanza, Muhanga and Matongo. The meeting was attended by native ministers, parliamentarians and national and provincial executives from the three provinces.