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Trip by the Burundi First Lady to Shifaa Medical Center


Aug 8, 2023

BUJUMBURA August 8th (ABP) – As part of encouraging and supporting youth initiatives, the First Lady of Burundi, Mrs. Angeline Ndayishimiye, officially handed over on Monday August 7, 2023, a donation consisting of hospital beds to the Shifaa Medical Center. It was also an opportunity for Mrs. Ndayishimiye to grant food and non-food assistance to the poorest people in Buyenzi.

In an interview given to the press after that gesture, the First Lady said that she came to officially hand over that donation and see, herself, that it has arrived at its destination.

She added that this visit was made with the aim of supporting the initiatives of young Burundians, which consist in creating their own jobs, after training they receive abroad or locally. Indeed, she said, Dr. Soudi, the owner of that hospital, has undergone training offered by Merck Foundation on the treatment of diabetes and the care of diabetics. After the training, he gathered some natives of Buyenzi to set up that hospital, not only to treat diabetics but also other common diseases.

The First Lady indicated that young people with good ideas are to be supported and encouraged because they are role models for society. She added that she got informed that this hospital faces a number of challenges, but which will be gradually eradicated.

For his part, Dr. Soudi thanked the First Lady for the donation. According to him, this is an added value for the entire community of the Buyenzi zone in general and for the patients who come to confide in the hospital.

After the official presentation of the donation, Mrs. Ndayishimiye assisted, with food and non-food items, the most deprived people and especially those with advanced age living in the said zone. She pointed out that this charitable gesture was made as part of the Communal and the Solidarity Day, but also and above all, that she lived in that zone.

Closing her tour, the First Lady visited a clothing and cosmetics store located in the Kabondo neighborhood and run by a young Indian born in Burundi. She appreciated the idea of that young girl who decided to undertake in this field, in order to contribute to the national economy, by paying taxes and duties.