• Mon. Jul 22nd, 2024

Payments of advances for agricultural inputs for the 2024 cropping season A are set from August 4 to 25, 2023


Aug 5, 2023

BUJUMBURA August 5th (ABP) – As part of the Burundi National Fertilizer Subsidy Program (PNSEB) to subsidize the price of fertilizer to facilitate access to fertilizer at an reasonable price, and for the purpose of preparations for the 2024 growing season A, the Ministry of the Environment, Agriculture and Livestock issued a press release on Thursday, August 3, 2023 to inform farmers that the period for payment of advances to access fertilizer inputs and lime, is set from August 4 to 25 of this year.

Through the said press release signed by the Minister in charge of agriculture, Sanctus Niragira, it is mentioned that payments can be made to the National Post Office, to MUTEC even via its Lumicash service.

Farmers close to Muramvya and Kayanza provinces can make advance payments to the microfinance institution DIFO.sa.

Payment of advances can also be made to CRDB Bank for farmers close to Cankuzo, Karusi, Ruyigi, Makamba and Rumonge provinces. Farmers who live near Bujumbura and Bubanza provinces can make payment to CECM, and to CECAB for farmers living near Bujumbura and Gitega provinces.

The ministry responsible for agriculture has taken the opportunity to ask the bottom-up administrative officials and the agricultural monitors to sensitize the farmers and the agricultural cooperatives to pay those advances from August 4 to 25, 2023 because after that period, no additional deadline will be given.

According to the same press release, those who want to exceed the number of bags provided for in the PNSEB program, i.e., 24 bags for all types of fertilizers combined (Imbura, Totahaza, Bagara) and 15 bags of lime, they are appealed go and ask for permission from the provincial offices of Environment, Agriculture and Livestock.