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The alumni of the Paramedical School of Ngozi have donated it some 40 mattresses


Jul 6, 2023

NGOZI July 6th (ABP) – The former students of the Paramedical School of Ngozi, offered, on Wednesday, July 4, 2023, a donation of mattresses to that school.

A total of 40 mattresses worth more than 4,600,000 BIF were granted, according to Mrs. Florence Narubowa, who represented the fundraising organization group to help that school. Those former members of EPM Ngozi responded to the appeal of the Minister of Public Health and the Fight against AIDS, Dr Sylvie Nzeyimana, who, during her visit to Ngozi province in January 2023, raised the question of apparent lack of mattresses at the said school, and had called on the elders of that school institution to come to its aid.

From then on, an EPM Ngozi Solidarity account was opened at COOPEC Ngozi. Florence Narubowa asked those who did not respond to solidarity with that school to do so without delay.

The director of EPM Ngozi and the medical director of Ngozi province, Jean Bosco Niyonzima, thanked those former members of EPM Ngozi for their sense of solidarity. They also asked the students to maintain those mattresses well and to take advantage of them to improve their study level. Fundraising will have to continue to cover all needs for mattresses, books or other material.