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Youths have the right to be free from hunger


May 24, 2023

BUJUMBURA May 24th (ABP) – The first two paragraphs of Article 14 of the African Youth Charter state that States Parties to the Charter have a duty to recognize the right of young people to have living conditions that promote their overall development and to be free from hunger.

Thus, paragraph 2 of that Charter, adopted in Banjul (Gambia) in 2006, states parties shall take independent and collective measures to make rural areas more attractive to young people by improving access to services, such as cultural and educational services. Those States Parties have a duty to train young people to take charge of agricultural, mining, commercial and industrial production using contemporary techniques, and to promote the benefits of new information and communication technologies to access existing and new markets. They also have a duty to provide land to youth organizations for socio-economic development purposes; to facilitate access to loan to promote youth participation in agricultural and other sustainable livelihood projects; and to facilitate youth participation in the design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of national development plans, policies and poverty reduction strategies.

According to paragraph 3 of the Charter, States Parties shall recognize the right of every young person to benefit from social security, including social insurance. In that regard, States Parties shall take the necessary measures to fully implement those rights in accordance with their national legislation, particularly where food security, clothing, housing and other basic needs are compromised. As a reminder, the African Youth Charter was ratified and promulgated by Burundi on 9 January 2023.