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Call for the protection of tourist sites


Apr 30, 2023

MWARO April 26th (ABP) – The First Vice-President of the Senate, Mrs. Denise Ndadaye and the Minister of National Solidarity, Social Affairs, Human Rights and Gender, Mrs. Imelde Sabushimike joined on Saturday April 22, to the people of Mwaro in the community work of planting traditional trees around the tourist site Agasumo ka Mwaro.

In her speech for the occasion, Mrs. Ndadaye asked the population of Mwaro to protect places and sites of memory such as the necropolis of the queen mothers of Mpotsa, and others, specifying that these are the wealth of the country.

She pointed out that well-maintained sites enrich the country, because tourists leave money there.

Mrs. Ndadaye challenged the population of Mwaro to take into account the development work, hoping that each municipality has a work to praise.

The first vice-president of the Senate also invited the inhabitants of the locality to move away from the rumors, because the latter handicap the development.

In turn, the minister with solidarity in her attributions called on the women of Mwaro to work in groups. She said that women have a considerable part to contribute in the development of the country. She called on them to do income-generating activities to contribute to the development of households.