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Rice farmers are called on to weeding work


Apr 13, 2023

RUYIGI April 12th (ABP) – Rice farmers in Ruyigi province are called upon to tackle the weeding work of this crop in all the marshes of this province so that production can increase for the current season. The governor of Ruyigi province, Emerencienne Tabu made this appeal on the afternoon of Friday, April 7, 2023, during the official launch of the weed removal works from the marsh rice.

She also asked the administrative officials and those of the BPEAE at the communal level to rigorously monitor the implementation of that measure to avoid cases of production losses.

That work took place in the fields located on the banks of the Kigarika marsh, near the seed center of the State of the Kigarika sub-village and the Ngarama village in Ruyigi commune and province.

In her speech, Mrs. Tabu indicated that this activity consists of checking to reassure herself whether all the rice farmers have already started weed removal work in the rice fields, in time for the production of this season is improving.

To all the rice farmers, she told them that they have a duty to continue this work and finish it on time so that there is no loss of production due to the carelessness of each other.

To all the administrative officials in the communes of that province and those of the provincial office of the environment, agriculture and livestock, they are called upon to implement that campaign. To that end, she indicated that some rice farmers claim that they are prevented from weeding the rice following the field activities of cropping season B on the mainland, but that the two works can be combined without any problem. She notified them that the weeding of marsh rice is now a priority and that the administrative staff as well as the BPEAE staff have a duty to monitor the implementation of this work. She finally warned the growers that she herself and other administrators will soon return to the field to verify the step already taken. She said that it is everyone’s duty to work, each in his own way, so that rice production can improve in that province.

That activity also saw the participation of the director of the Provincial Office of the Environment, Agriculture and Livestock in Ruyigi, Mr. Rénovat Simuzeye and executives of this office as well as rice farmers in the commune of Ruyigi.