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The Cabinet has approved the education sector plan 2022-2030


Mar 22, 2023

BUJUMBURA March 22nd (ABP) – The Cabinet meeting on March 15 adopted the 2022-2030 education sector project. The main strategic orientations of that plan are, among other things, the improvement of access, equity and quality of education.

The expansion and modernization of higher education and scientific research, the expansion and reform of technical and vocational education are also among the strategic orientations. The Cabinet adopted that plan with a few recommendations. This involves the construction of a national research center, strengthening the Rundi academy with a view to preparing for the teaching of all subjects in the national language, favoring the practical side in the teaching to be provided by providing schools with labs and equipment for practical work. The Cabinet also recommended devising strategies to avoid the brain drain.

The Cabinet also analyzed the draft ministerial ordinance on measures for the application of the civil aviation code in Burundi in terms of fees for services rendered by the civil aviation authority of Burundi (AACB). A consultation with airlines was carried out in September 2021 for the update of aeronautical charges in order to readjust them to those applied in the countries of the East African Community. The proposal to update the fees to be applied was accepted. This was when the AACB was governed by regulatory texts dating from 1989, 1995 and 2014. After analysis, the draft ordinance was adopted.

The Cabinet also considered the analysis of the draft decree amending the decree of November 27, 2012 authorizing the State of Burundi to participate in the capital of the company “Global Port Services Burundi (GPSB)”. The analysis of that bill took place after presentation of the report of the mixed technical commission set up in response to the recommendations of the Cabinet Meeting held of October 2021. Those recommendations demanded to value the assets and identify other goods which belong to the State, define with precision the shares that the State of Burundi holds within the company GPSB, monitor the progress of the disputes which involve the State of Burundi and proceed to the implementation of those which have been trialed.

According to the final expertise report, the total value of State contributions is 1,740,223,977 BIF as of December 24, 2012 and would have an additional dividend of 3,234,460,974 BIF as of December 31, 2020. The Cabinet proposed the revision of the shareholding structure. Thus, the draft decree proposes that the capital of GPSB be 2,710,223,997 BIF. State contributions in the capital of the company represents 64.21% or 1,740,223,997 BIF. According to the Cabinet, that bill will enter into force with retroactive effects from December 24, 2012. After analysis, the bill was adopted with recommendations to accelerate the finalization of that decree so that the new bodies are put in place. But also, to complete the liquidation of all State companies.

The Cabinet also adopted the bill on the ratification of the Constitution and the Convention of the African Telecommunications Union signed on December 7, 1999 in Cape Town, South Africa, as revised in Harare, Zimbabwe, on July 10, 2014.