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Visit by the first deputy president of the Burundian Senate to the Rumonge province


Mar 16, 2023

RUMONGE March 16th (ABP) – The first deputy president of the Burundian Senate, Mrs. Denise Ndadaye, met on Tuesday, March 14, 2023, the local elected officials of Rutana (south-west) provincial administration.

During that meeting, questions concerning the functioning of the body of village notables with that of councilors in the same village were raised. According to Mrs. Ndadaye, the visit to the province of Rumonge is part of recalling certain clauses resulting from the meetings organized by the Upper House of the Burundian Parliament during the month of February this year, for the members of the communal councils of all the communes of the country.

For her, each member of the communal council is called upon to refer to communal Act and to know all the administrative bodies in order to properly perform their tasks. To enforce the law, she indicated that the communal administration must play its role of making the village offices available in order to support the village notables.

Some of the participants suggested that there be the introduction of justice-related projects in the budget review. The question related to the lack of material for the notables has already been submitted to whom it may concern, according to the first deputy president of the Senate, insisting that it will be resolved in the coming days.

All in all, she promised that all the grievances raised during that meeting and which did not have answers will be transmitted to the authorities concerned in order to have adequate orientations.