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Gishora Sacred Drums Shrine Site Needs Rehabilitation and Upgrading


Feb 28, 2023

GITEGA February 28th (ABP) – The person responsible for the Gishora Sacred Drums Shrine Site, in the Giheta commune of Gitega province (center of the country), Mr. Oscar Nshimirimana, calls on the ministry in charge of the culture to invest actively in the rehabilitation and modernization of the said site with a view to making it more attractive to tourists.

Mr. Nshimirimana entrusted the information to a check by ABP, after an exhibition of drummers to a team of expatriate tourists, on Saturday, February 25, 2023. That site was created by King Mwezi Gisabo, during his flight to that locality of Gishora after German settlers hunted him down from the royal capital of Muramvya to kill him, Nshimirimana said. He deplores the poor maintenance of the houses of the royal court and their equipment, as well as the premises of the enclosure which have become obsolete, he added. To remedy this, Mr. Nshimirimana would like the involvement of the provincial or communal administrative authorities of the Gitega province to restore the clarity of the site.

He also called on economic operators to invest there by building in the property of the site reception houses and sumptuous restaurants in order to make the stay of tourists pleasant.

On the sidelines of the exhibition of the drummers, the Sacred Drums Shrine of Gishora offered visitors the opportunity to contemplate the royal palace and its equipment, the vestments of the king and those of the queen as well as the two sacred drums linked to agricultural fertility whose names are “Ruciteme” (the one for which we clear bush) and “Murimirwa” (the one for which we cultivate).

It should be noted that the Burundian drum has been consecrated world heritage by UNESCO.