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The Ministry of the Interior has organized a two-day retreat in Ngozi


Feb 24, 2023

NGOZI February 24th (ABP) – The Ministry of Interior, Community Development and Public Security has organized since Thursday, February 23, 2023, a two-day retreat in Ngozi, under the theme “citizen, at the center of interest “. Attendees of the retreat are civil executives, police officers, provincial governors, communal administrators as well as provincial and communal police commissioners.

According to the Minister of the Interior, Community Development and Public Security, Mr. Martin Niteretse, the retreat is organized after a series of trips by members of the government in the provinces, where they collected a number of grievances from the people.

After those trips, the ministry took a number of steps to address public concerns. It is therefore, according to Minister Niteretse, with a view to evaluating the implementation of those measures that the ministry organized that retreat to see the success, the failures and to make the necessary adjustments for the benefit of all categories of the population.

The retreat also comes at the time of the adoption by Burundi of a new administrative redistribution which will be effective by 2025.

In the retreat, participants have also to discuss a number of themes. For instance, the behavior that administrative and police leaders must adopt, the relationships that must exist between the leaders and the ruled, the painful past of Burundi and the attitude that a political and police leader in Burundi must adopt today.