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Giheta commune has benefited from school benches from Greeks residing in Burundi


Feb 16, 2023

GITEGA February 16th (ABP) – The Hellenic community of Greeks residing in Burundi last week granted Giheta commune in Gitega province (center of the country) aid for 250 school benches worth 10 million BIF in the context of strengthening the cooperation that exists between the commune and that community, a check on the site by ABP has revealed.

In his speech, Mr. Aris Makos, who represented the Hellenic community, greatly appreciated the brotherhood observed between the Giheta commune and the Hellenic community. To that end, he pointed out that the latter will continue to contribute to the development of the various sectors in that commune, in particular the paving of roads and others.

Taking the floor, the administrator of the Giheta commune, Mrs. Micheline Ninahaza, greatly appreciated that donation. She pointed out that this is a better sign that testifies to a frank friendship that exists between the Hellenic community of Greeks residing in Burundi and the Giheta commune. She thanked that Greek association which, according to her, spares no effort to contribute to the development of that commune.

The chief of staff in the office of the governor of Gitega province, Mr. Gérard Nibigira, who honored those donation ceremonies with his presence, also appreciated that gesture. He invited the beneficiaries to make good use of it. He also encouraged the administrator of Giheta to continue to establish friendly relations with foreign associations to ensure the welfare of its population.

It is worthy to note that, currently, the Giheta commune still needs 3,256 school benches in order to have three schoolchildren per bench in all the schools of the communal directorate of education of Giheta.