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Information sharing between the leaders and the subordinates, the basis of development


Feb 13, 2023

RUYIGI February 13th (ABP) – The governor of Ruyigi province, Mrs. Emerencienne Tabu, calls on the people to share, in real time, information with the administrative officials of their localities in order to contribute to any eventuality requiring a solution in their community. That appeal was made after noticing that during the trips made by the various ministers in that province, certain individuals raised problems of which the administrative officials were not informed.

Mrs. Tabu also took the opportunity to warn speculative traders about certain commodities, who cause the rise in prices.

In that series of advice to the people aimed at changing their behavior in order to achieve sustainable development, the governor of Ruyigi underlines the importance of information sharing between leaders and the subordinates in the prevention of conflicts and other social problems in the community, and encourages them to redouble their efforts in that regard. She invited them to do some introspection, each as far as they are concerned, and above all to express their wishes without pretexting with regard to the authorities of their respective localities. That person in authority castigates, moreover, the behavior of certain people who skip the steps in the search for solutions to their problems and tarnish the image of the administrative officials when they are not informed.

She invites them not to hide their concerns from the administrative officials at the grassroots level up to the commune level. To all the speculators of BRARUDI products and BUCECO cement and to the resellers of foodstuffs who contribute to the rising in prices on the various markets of the province, the governor of Ruyigi calls for order and makes it known that this appeal constitutes a last caution. To the members of certain associations or teams who organize and collect funds for unrecognized purposes, that authority warns that exemplary sanctions await any individual who would tempt to repeat such a fault.