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Young entrepreneurs are called on to join the sectoral house of arts and crafts in order to promote their labor


Jan 17, 2023

BUJUBURA January 17th (ABP) – Young entrepreneurs of Burundi are called upon to join the Sectoral House of Arts and Crafts of Burundi (CHASSA) in order to promote their labor, the leader of CHASAA branch in Bujumbura, Mr. Kigongwe David, told a check by ABP during an interview.

Kigongwe said CHASSA is an employers’ organization which is an integral part of the Federal House of Commerce and Industry of Burundi (CCIB).

On that occasion, Mr. Kigongwe said that CHASSA aims to defend the general interests of craftsmen and artists by representing them with both public and private institutions. It has also accompanied the craftsman and the artist in each stage of their professional life and has created a national movement of craftsmen and artists.

To that end, he explained, the CHASSA has several areas including carpentry, sewing, basketry, decoration, painting and screen printing, food processing, as well as leather goods.

In the future, he reported that they have created a savings and loan cooperative of craftsmen and artists to help members obtain loans, adding that they have created another light cooperative of craftsmen and artists located in Kigobe opposite the supermarket called “Mutoyi”. They formed that cooperative in order to put together their products for sale.

He invited the people of Burundi to visit that cooperative to buy the products. To the Burundian entrepreneurs, he asked them to join that house in order to harness different knowledge and skills because, he said, unity is strength.

He also called on young job seekers to create their own jobs or to form cooperatives or associations in order to share ideas, which will enable them to create jobs to develop.

It is worth noting that the CHASSA organized in late 2022, the first trade exhibition of products at the Arts Palace.