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The minister in charge of youth has met with youth representatives


Jan 10, 2023

NGOZI January 10th (ABP) – The Minister of East African Community Affairs, Youth, Sport and Culture, Ezéchiel Nibigira met on Monday, January 9, 2023 in Ngozi, with youth representatives.

That trip was organized, according to him, to exchange on the organization and the functioning of the ministry for the youth to know its activities, the challenges and the solutions to be brought to it.

Minister Nibigira said that since its accession to the community of East African States in 2007, Burundi has taken a giant step, recalling that currently, it has the honor of chairing the highest Summit of the Community, which brings together 7 countries namely Burundi, Rwanda, DRC, Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya and South Sudan. It is also the Burundian minister who chairs the council of ministers in charge of community affairs. On the legislative level, Burundi has just been elected to the speakership of the East African Legislative Assembly.

                                                                                         View of the participants

Finally, it has the honor of directing the Health Research Commission, which is a major research institution in the Community.

Minister Nibigira promised to do everything possible to continue to position Burundi well in the Community. However, he asks Burundians to learn English, which is the language most used in the community and in the world. In terms of culture, the minister advises Burundians to safeguard cultural values and above all to love and promote Kirundi.

Minister Nibigira has taken issue with young people who dress shamefully or photograph themselves almost naked.

He asked the territorial administration to discourage those behaviors by all means so as not to bring curses on the country.

Regarding the field of sports, the Minister specified that this sector must be rethought. From now on, sports competitions must be organized from the village for better talent detection. For example, the selection of the best teams for the President’s Cup will begin this year with the village.

Minister Nibigira announced that the ministry has just set up branches in all the provinces of the country. He invited the people to consult them for a better success of the activities. Issues raised in the debate were in relation to increased government support for youth projects.