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Disagreement between some residents of Kinyovu and the administrator of Nyamurenza commune


Jan 9, 2023

NGOZI January 9th (ABP) – During a popular security meeting organized by the governor of Ngozi province Emmanuel Ntaconsanze on Friday, a climate of disagreement between some inhabitants of Kinyovu village and the administrator of Nyamurenza commune, Césarie Nizigiyimana, was observed. It all starts on Christmas Day. According to a young woman who spoke publicly, the administrator Nizigiyimana called her in a bar. She admits to having been seriously beaten and injured by the administrator herself in the company of her guards. The cause of all this remains a matter of concubine behavior.

According to other people who took the floor, the litigation continued. The Administrator allegedly continued to beat people, including women and men. There are even those who suffered injuries and those who were tied up before being transported by the commune vehicle to be imprisoned in the police jail in Nyamurenza. An unhealthy climate has since settled in that village. Some people even fled their homes. The administrator Nizigiyimana, however, speaks of a cleverly orchestrated plot by a group of natives of that commune to oust her from power. That group would blackmail and even arouse the people, according to the administrator Nizigiyimana.

The governor of Ngozi Emmanuel Ntaconsanze urged the people of Nyamurenza to break with that chicanery. According to that person in authority, disagreements have always existed, but it is always possible to reconcile. For those who had left their homes, Governor Ntaconsanze calls on them to return to their families because the time has come for reconciliation.

The inhabitants of Nyamurenza in general and particularly those of Kinyovu village must reconnect with the legendary solidarity of Burundians, keep peace and tighten security and devote themselves to the development of their entity.