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People of Ntahangwa commune ask the government to stabilize the banks upstream of the Nyabagere River


Nov 15, 2022

BUJUMBURA November 15th (ABP) – The Nyabagere river, in its part located upstream which separates the Nyabagere and Muyaga district of the Gihosha zone in Ntahangwa commune, constitutes a threat for the people living on the banks of that river, noted a check by ABP on Monday, November 14, 2022, during a visit she made to that river.

Arrived at the edge of the Nyabagere river, it was noted that the bed of that river does not cease extending following the landslides which even go until the destruction of the dwelling houses which are on the edge of that river. Some owners of plots or houses try to stabilize it by building gabion walls or planting bamboo but in vain. The people living on the banks of the Nyabagere River fear the continuity of the collapse of the banks of that river on the eve of the rainy season which risks aggravating the situation by even causing loss of human life. For all those reasons, the people of Ntahangwa commune are crying out for the State to intervene by stabilizing the banks of that river upstream, as they have done for the part that is downstream, to stop the collapses.