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The torch of peace passing through Makamba province


Nov 11, 2022

MAKAMBA November 11th (ABP) – The Vice-President of the Republic of Burundi, Mr. Prosper Bazombaza handed over the torch of peace, coming from Rutana, to the chief of staff of the governor, Mr. Bernard Ntahomvukiye, in Mutsindozi, the river making border between the provinces Makamba and Rutana, a check on the site by ABP has revealed.

After the reception, the population of Makamba and the members of the Intwararumuri association headed for the Mabanda commune where they participated in the community development work which consisted of concreting a slab of the construction site, at three levels, of the office communal of Mabanda which will house all the decentralized services of the commune.

In his speech, Mr. Ntahomvukiye said that the passing of the torch of peace is a sign that peace and security are in good shape, stressing that the population is easily getting down to self-development activities.

Speaking, the president of the Intwararumuri association, Mr. Epipode Baranyikwa indicated that the caravan of the torch of peace has the message of reiterating the population to remain vigilant to the achievements of the dearly acquired peace. According to Mr. Baranyikwa, the population will have to participate more in works of general interest without forgetting those of family empowerment.

The parliamentarians elected in the district of Makamba, the executives of the province as well as other natives working elsewhere joined the population in the activities planned for this occasion. The torch of peace was then handed over to Rumonge province, from the chief of staff of the governor of Makamba to the adviser to the governor in charge of development in Rumonge.