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The International Mental Health Day has been celebrated


Oct 27, 2022

NGOZI October 26th (ABP) – The First Lady of Burundi, Mrs. Angeline Ndayishimiye chaired Tuesday, October 25, 2022 in Ngozi the celebration ceremonies of World Mental Health Day. Under the theme: “Making mental health and well-being for all a global priority”, the ceremonies took place at the Muremera stadium.

In his speech on behalf of the Technical and Financial Partners in health, the resident representative of the WHO in Burundi welcomed the government’s commitment to the promotion of mental health. He said that this is a good opportunity to generate real interest in mental health issues which is a real concern for WHO.

                                                                                                                                           View of the participants

The recent Covid-19 pandemic has caused more than 25% of mental disorders. The main causes remain the consumption of drugs and other narcotics, violence of all kinds including sexual and gender-based violence, unfortunate events that have occurred in the past, household poverty, stress and so on.

According to the WHO representative, there is a low level of resources devoted to mental health. On average, there are two mental health workers essentially care providers per 100,000 inhabitants. He asked all States for a visible commitment to give mental health the importance it deserves to make mental health more accessible to all.

The Minister of Public Health and the Fight against AIDS thanked the “Bonne Action Umugiraneza” foundation for its support for the government’s health programs. This Foundation supports mental health, obstetric fistula disease, plastic surgery, cataracts and soon the fight against infertility. In Ngozi, the Umugiraneza Foundation has created a center for the care of mental disorders.

The Minister of Public Health and the Fight against AIDS asked Burundi’s other technical and financial partners to follow in the footsteps of the Foundation. In her speech for the occasion, the First Lady of Burundi and Founding President of the “Bonne Action Umugiraneza” foundation said that this day is a golden opportunity to self-evaluate and see what needs to be done to promote this sector. which remains among the most neglected. For the First Lady of Burundi, mental disorders are a major obstacle to development. They are too expensive for the families of the patients and even for the country.

Mrs. Ndayishimiye, however, asked families, neighbors and the community to avoid stigmatization and other speculation about the disease. It is a completely curable disease when properly managed. She did not forget to provide advice to the students who were numerous at the stadium on positive behavior to adopt. Thus, they must avoid the excessive consumption of alcohol, drugs and narcotics, the daily review of the courses to avoid overwork. Students should also display good behavior and not stress teachers and parents.

To parents, Angeline Ndayishimiye advised not to hide their children suffering from mental disorders but rather to bring them to care centers and follow them. The First Lady awarded three best groups that won the competition for the competition sanctioning World Mental Health Day. They are Burundian Movies Talents which received an envelope of 1000,000 BIF, Twiteho Amagara yo Mu mutwe which received 700,000 BIF and Nawe Ninkawe, 500,000 BIF.