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The administration is satisfied with the good collaboration with the Islamic community


Oct 22, 2022

MWARO October 20th (ABP) – The chief of staff in the office of the governor of Mwaro province, Mr. Athanase Ciza, along with the provincial secretary of the ruling party, CNDD-FDD, shared on October 17, 2022, the prayer of thanksgiving with the Islamic Community of Mwaro, to thank the Almighty God for having answered the prayer of the Burundians imploring the rain.

On behalf of the administration, Mr. Ciza said he is satisfied with the good collaboration that exists between the religious denominations and the administration. He also liked the spontaneity with which the Muslim community of that locality had welcomed the appeal of the administration addressed to the different religious denominations to implore the Almighty God to grant us rain. He congratulated them for being the first to organize a thanksgiving prayer.

During the prayer, the delegate of the Islamic community El Hadj Ramadan Kanyarufuri urged the followers to always remain in contact with the administration. He asked them to support both communal and provincial development projects. In the case of community development work, he also asked them to respond massively. He promised to report to the COMIBU representative at the national level. A fine rain as divine blessings sprinkled the whole prayer.