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The mayor of the city of Bujumbura has met the people of Ntahangwa commune


Oct 19, 2022

BUJUMBURA October 19th (ABP) – The mayor of the city of Bujumbura, Jimmy Hatungimana, met on Monday October 17, 2022, the people of Ntahangwa commune for the zones of Gihosha, Kamenge and Kinama, in accordance with the recommendation made by the Head of State, which said that all the administrative officials should talk to the local people to find out about the problems linked to their survival and their environment.

He was welcomed by the administrator of the Ntahangwa commune, Mr. Ernest Niyonzima, who specified that peace and security reign in the commune. Despite this, administrator Niyonzima deplores the consumption of prohibited drinks and narcotics, especially among young people. To eradicate these behaviors, he asked for the involvement of everyone in order to prepare a better future for young people.

Taking the floor, the mayor of the city of Bujumbura also insisted on the fact that if “young people continue to use drugs, it is a danger for the country, because the youth is the Burundi of today and tomorrow”. He urged the bottom-up administrative officials to redouble their efforts to fight against this scourge.

According to Mr. Hatungimana, the present meeting follows the trips he had organized in February this year in all the communes of Bujumbura city council, to collect and respond to the grievances of the urban people.

During that meeting, many questions were asked, particularly those related to justice, including land properties and cases of scam. The mayor of the city answered those questions and promised that they will make a restitution to give a report, but also to answer those questions definitively.

With regard to issues related to transport for motorcycles, tricycles and bicycles, where the drivers of the latter are asking for the increase in working hours and the extension of the perimeter of work to the market commonly known as ‘Chez Sion’ and the market known as COTEBU. The mayor of the city of Bujumbura has promised them that he will convene a meeting with all the stakeholders to study the two issues together and see how they can settle them so that the drivers of those transport means have their gain.

For the question related to the paving of certain quarters such as the Muyaga and Taba quarters of the Gihosha zone and Kavumu quarter of the Kamenge zone, the mayor of the city asked the inhabitants of those quarters to first give their contributions, also paying the taxes and duties and the city will help them for the rest of the work.

For the inhabitants of the Muyaga quarter of the Gihosha zone, who have already contributed 18 million since 2004, Mr. Hatungimana promised them that he will verify the existence of that contribution and help them to have the roads paved in that quarter.

Concerning the associations which collect rubbish which have slackened following the shortage of fuel which has manifested itself in the past days, the mayor of the city of Bujumbura has invited them to resume work for the issue of sanitation to no longer be a commonplace. He also invited the bottom-up administrative officials to get involved and redouble their efforts so that property becomes a reality in the city of Bujumbura.

For complaints from Kinama market traders who say their goods are stolen at night while security companies are there, the mayor of the city has asked the market chairman and the market commissioner and the market committee to sit down together to look for another more competent security company and cancel the contract of the security company that is in operation.