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The Head of State disagrees with the detractors of a peaceful Burundi


Sep 7, 2022

GITEGA September 6th (ABP) – The Burundi Head of State, Mr. Evariste Ndayishimiye, along with his wife, carried out, on September 3, 2022, the community development works alongside the people of Musama village, in the commune of Giheta, province of Gitega (center of the country).

                                                                        View of the community works participants

The work consisted of bringing construction materials to the masons and concreting a school infrastructure designed for two levels. In his speech for the occasion, President Ndayishimiye warned the country’s leaders who are haunted by the country’s return to chaos through coups.

Those put the stick in the wheels of the government apparatus by misappropriating goods sensitive to the development of citizens. He cited, among other things, cement, sugar, agricultural fertilizers and fuel. He promised to brandish his bravery to counter those without faith or law who want to slow down the Burundians in their march towards the promised land, that of a country of milk and honey. He called on the people to inform him about anything that could harm his well-being. Moreover, he asked the same people to roll up their sleeves to increase agricultural production. Even during the dry season, vegetable gardens can be irrigated to preserve food security, advised the Head of State.

Thus, he recommended to the people to engage in the breeding of small ruminants and poultry so as not to miss meat in the food ration. To pupils and students, he urged to learn to understand so that at the end of their studies, they can create their own jobs. The State is no longer a provider of jobs, said the Head of State, adding that the time has come to capitalize on the knowledge acquired in academic audiences to support themselves professionally. During this community development work, there were contributions of cement from certain associations for the smooth running of the construction activities of the building in question.