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The President of the Republic of Burundi received a delegation of ombudsmen


Sep 6, 2022

The President of the Republic of Burundi received a delegation of ombudsmen

Bujumbura September 6th (ABP) – The President of the Republic of Burundi received in audience a delegation of ombudsmen including that of Rwanda, Benin, Central Africa, Equatorial Guinea, Angola, led by the ombudsman of Burundi Édouard Nduwimana, who are in Burundi since August 31, 2022 to participate in the regional conference of ombudsmen or mediators organized under the theme: “the role of national mediation mechanisms in the peaceful resolution of conflicts and the consolidation of peace in the Great Lakes region.”

After the hearing, the Ombudsman of Burundi said that during the interview, the President of the Republic of Burundi expressed his firm commitment to support the Ombudsman of Burundi, but also appreciated the work done at level of the institutions of ombudsmen and mediators even in other countries, explaining that these offices could help the government so that the population has confidence in the institutions of the government.

The Head of State took that opportunity to express his vision for the development of Burundi, the well-being of the people, the priorities of the responsible and hard-working government. The delegation of ombudsmen appreciated the degree of security and the well-being of the population.

Afterwards they discussed their organization of African mediators and ombudsmen (AOMA) which brings together 46 members with the objective of capacity building and exchange of experiences and good practices. The ombudsman delegation asked the President of the Republic of Burundi to plead for all African countries to have such ombudsman institutions because in some African countries these offices do not exist.

The delegation of ombudsmen explained that the institutions they represent help governments in protecting citizens, but also advise governments on good governance, the fight against corruption and cases of injustice. These institutions will contribute to the construction of an Africa where peace and understanding reign, as is the case for vision 2063.

The ombudsman of Burundi did not forget to mention that the president of the Republic of Burundi accepted that he will make this plea to other heads of state so that African countries have this institution of ombudsman.