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The Secretary General of the CNDD-FDD party calls on the Imbonerakure to be good leaders in their communities


Sep 1, 2022

GITEGA August 31st (ABP) – The CNDD-FDD Party celebrated on Saturday August 27, 2022 at the Ingoma stadium in Gitega (Center of the country) the 6th edition of the Imbonerakure Day under the theme: “African youth, innovative initiatives for integral development of the continent”.

In his speech, the Secretary General of the CNDD-FDD party Réverien Ndikuriyo said that an Imbonerakure worthy of his name must be a visionary, have discipline and must particularly focus on income-generating activities to develop.

                                                                                                                         View of the participants

There, he challenged the young activists of that party to disregard working hours to increase production. He added that the Imbonerakure must be leaders in their communities and must work in synergy with others to effectively fight poverty, so that every mouth has something to eat and every pocket has money.

Still according to the Secretary General of the CNDD-FDD party, the Imbonerakure must respect others in their differences, because they are heirs, he added. Mr. Ndikuriyo signaled to the young people of the CNDD-FDD party that it is time to wake up and study a lot so that all the doctors, all the experts in different fields and other high-level intellectuals in Burundi are all Imbonerakure.

Based on these words, the CNDD-FDD secretary general said that the international community which in the past has cursed these young people will believe that they are capable and will change this unpleasant language.

It is for that reason, according to him, the CNDD-FDD party has trained more than 7,000 young Imbonerakure throughout the country on various modules including the party’s ideology, the planning of profitable development projects as well as the good behavior that characterizes the heirs.

Mr. Ndikuriyo called on young Africans to love their countries and to work diligently to develop Africa because, according to him, the bad history that has characterized this continent in the past influences it to remain in poverty and ignorance. Hence young Africans must wake up and say no to those who loot their treasures especially minerals, added Mr. Ndikuriyo.

Note that this festivity saw the participation of several delegations from friendly and brother countries of Burundi including Tanzania, Rwanda, China, South Sudan, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, DRC, Congo Brazzaville, Kenya, Comoros, Equatorial Guinea, Mali and so on.

It also saw the participation of several approved political parties in Burundi. Those are the CNL party, UPRONA, RANAC, APDR, ADR-Imvugakuri, UPD-Zigamibanga, FRODEBU and others. There were also various representatives of civil societies.