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The twinning project between the Kayanza province and that of Baden-württemberg is to be reinforced


Aug 19, 2022

KAYANZA August 17th (ABP) – The governor of the Kayanza province and the head of the German delegation promise to strengthen the twinning project between the Kayanza province and that of Baden-württemberg. That is what they said on Monday August 15 at the end of an audience granted to German parliamentarians elected in the state of Baden-Württemberg, a check on the site by ABP has revealed.

After being received in audience by the governor of Kayanza, the German MPs elected in the province of Baden-württemberg, paid a visit to the hospital of Kayanza and to the artisanal project of Kayanza (PAK), and the two infrastructures are supported materially by this German province.

The medical director of the Kayanza hospital, Dr. Noël Nsabimana, as well as the representative of the Kayanza artisanal project, Mr. Désiré Bigirimana welcomed the material support of the German cooperation.

However, they mentioned the problems they face, especially those of a material nature.

On behalf of the deputies elected in the province of Baden-Württemberg, Mr. Manuel Hagel thanked the provincial authorities of Kayanza for the development projects of the province in progress and those in perspective, including the health sector. He promised to strengthen the twinning of the two provinces and to extend their interventions in other sectors such as education.

In turn, the governor of Kayanza, Mr. Rémy Cishahayo, expressed his feeling of gratitude with regard to the material support of the government of Baden-Württemberg to the Kayanza hospital and to the craft project of Kayanza. He therefore asked the German delegation to continue to lend a hand to the two structures because, he insisted, they have problems that need to be resolved in order to improve their services. He expressed his wish to see the twinning between the government of Baden-württeberg and that of Kayanza continue because, according to him, the Kayanza province will benefit from it.