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The Ministry in charge of social housing presented the results of the achievements for the 4th quarter of fiscal year 2021-2022


Aug 3, 2022

BUJUMBURA August 1st (ABP) – The Minister of Infrastructure, Equipment and Social Housing, Mr. Déogratias Nsanganiyumwami proceeded, on Friday July 29, 2022, to the presentation of the report of the major activities carried out during the 4th quarter of the 2021-2022 budget year, relating to three key sectors of the said ministry, namely infrastructure, equipment and social housing, a check on the site by ABP has revealed.

In terms of road infrastructure, Minister Nsanganiyumwami indicated that the construction and asphalting works of the RN18 phase II (Kibumbu-Gitega), 24 km long, are 100% complete and they are at the construction phase.

The duplication works of the Melchior Ndadaye-Chanic international airport section, 5 km long, are almost complete given that they are currently at 99.5% and that the public lighting works are progressing normally. He added that the development and asphalting works of the RN16 (Bururi-Gakuba), with a length of 34.72 km are at 73% and the construction works of the JiJi Bridge are already completed and that the works of development and asphalting of the RN3 section (Nyanza-Lac-Rumonge) with a length of 52 km, the works of recycling the roadway for the restoration of traffic are finished and the works themselves are at 4%.

In terms of road maintenance, the reconstruction and protection work of the Murago bridge on the RN9 in the locality of Rubirizi of the Mutimbuzi commune are at 18%, the Kamesa bridge in Musaga on the RN7 (Bujumbura-Rutana) at 92%, the Buyenzi bridge on the RN11 (Mabanda-Makamba-Rutana) at 96%, Rukoziri and Mugombwa on the RN11 (Mabanda-Makamba-Rutana) at 88%, Kizingwe at 47%, and Mutimbuzi on communal road 178 in Ntahangwa commune at 36%, Minister Nsanganiyumwami reported.

As for the manual maintenance works of the road network, the Minister in charge of infrastructure said that the manual maintenance works of the roads paved by the hill community development cooperatives (CCDC) have already been completed. Works to restore the practicability of the Buraza-Bitezi-track to Matutu on the RN7, 17 km long are at 89% as well as the stabilization works of the RN6 (Kayanza-Ngozi-Kobero) at PK105 in Mukoni in Muyinga province where the work has already been completed.

At the level of railway infrastructure, Minister Nsanganiyumwami pointed out that for the Uvira-Musongati-Gitega section, the analysis for the pre-selection of offices that have expressed interest in recruiting the consultant to ensure the control and the supervision of the work has been done, and sent to whom it may concern.

Regarding socio-economic and administrative infrastructure, the Minister in charge of infrastructure said that the construction works of the multi-sector learning center for communities grouped in production cooperative in Rusi, Shombo commune in Karusi province are progressing normally. and are currently in the finishing phase, i.e., 95%. Continuing that it is about the construction of 22 blocks including 8 in floor with two levels and 14 blocks with only one internal. He added that the extension works of the Communal Health Centers for the management of COVID-19, the construction works of the 37 priority health centers of lot 1 have been completed and the extension works of the 37 others of the 2nd lot, the work is 70% complete.

He also added that the construction works of the Bujumbura International Conference Center by the Burundi Housing Office (OBUHA) are underway with funding from the Government of Burundi and the works are at 10%.

Construction works on a potato seed storage shed at ISABU Mahwa in Ryansoro commune has reached 80%.

For the rehabilitation of public buildings, the rehabilitation works of the residence of the commander of the Special Brigade for the Protection of Institutions (BSPI) have been completed, the rehabilitation works of the offices of the National Assembly of Kigobe have also been completed, the works of rehabilitation of the central prison of Gitega which experienced a fire are also at 35%.