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Towards a fair salary policy for civil servants


Jul 6, 2022

GITEGA July 6th (ABP) – The Minister of Public Service, Labor and Employment, Dr Thaddée Ndikumana, has led, since Monday July 4, 2022, in Gitega (Center of the country), a 2-day workshop for all managers of State personnel in the public and Para public sector as part of informing them and raising their awareness of the implementation of the fair salary policy in the Burundian public sector.

The Minister in charge of Labor has indicated that the new current salary policy begins with the month of July 2022 and concerns all staff governed by the general bylaw of civil servants and other special bylaws.

According to him, that new salary policy is based on four main elements, namely the share related to the employee’s diploma, their base salary and seniority; the standard job; performance and family allowance.

                                                                                                         View of the participants

According to Minister Ndikumana, each employee must have his/her task taking into account his/her diploma and what he/she is called upon to do. He/she must also, according to him, have a fixed and well-described task as well as an action plan for the rating in order to have a performance bonus, which differs completely from the annual wage which was granted to civil servants in the past.

The Minister in charge of Labor also indicated that it is on the basis of that action plan, if the budget allows it, that each employee will be awarded a score equivalent to a performance bonus which would differ from the individual to another according to their achievements.

Dr. Thaddée Ndikumana also pointed out that the staff of parastatal institutions governed by special bylaws will also be rated in the same way as other State officials.

For those institutions, the Minister clarified that the new salary policy for them is first conditioned by the review of the specific bylaws that govern them in order to integrate this time the clauses of that salary policy.

On this basis, Minister Ndikumana called on the managers of State personnel present to follow the presentations carefully, because according to him, until the end of this month, the institutions which will have not reviewed their bylaws regarding that policy to have a basis of remuneration, will not have salaries for their employees.

It is worth noting that Minister Ndikumana also pointed out that his ministry has already submitted to the government a joint ordinance which releases the administrative advancement of staff in the context of taking into account seniority and advancement in rank for all staff of the State, because, according to him, the latter was blocked in 2016.