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Zero children and adults begging on the street


Jul 2, 2022

BUJUMBURA July 2nd (ABP) – Children in street situations and adult beggars have been granted a period not exceeding two weeks to leave the streets and eradicate this behavior, according to the press release issued on Monday, June 27 by the ministry responsible for national solidarity.

The permanent secretary of the said ministry, Mr. Felix Ngendabanyikwa, indicated that this program is implemented taking into account the conclusions of the strategy adopted at the level of the Cabinet, with regard to the withdrawal of children in street situations and adult beggars. “This phenomenon of begging is deteriorating Burundian culture”. He added that a meeting of all the governors of the provinces of Burundi was organized for the good feasibility of the program. Each provincial headquarters will have a reintegration center for those children.

Verdict, the proliferation of those children in street situations is sometimes due to the weakness of households to be able to supervise them. They are tempted to seek life elsewhere. The observation is that among the latter, there are geniuses that the Burundian State cannot leave like that, Mr. Ngendabanyikwa testified.

Furthermore, the removal of street children will not be forced. The people who are going to do it have been sufficiently trained to respect the rights of children, people with disabilities and adults. “No one will be slapped,” he continued to say.

He took the opportunity to remind parents to keep a good watch over their children during the holidays. Many of them leave their village and go to town to do this despicable practice, the permanent secretary of the ministry responsible for national solidarity insisted.