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The interfaith council of Burundi has committed to strengthening social cohesion


May 25, 2022

MWARO May 25th (ABP) – The provincial administration and the Interfaith Council of Burundi (CICB) organized on Saturday May 21, 2022, community development work consisting of the cleaning of the gutters of the Kigutu-Gihinga road.

According to the legal representative of the said council, Valentin Nsabimana, the churches must contribute to the development of the country, adding that unity is strength.

The objective of that council is to bring the people together regardless of political or religious affiliation in order to strengthen good social cohesion.

Speaking, the chief of staff of the governor Mr. Athanase Ciza warmly thanked the CICB which organized this work. He wanted to see that good cohabitation materialize also on all the villages of the province. He called on other churches and political parties that have not yet integrated into that inter-confessional council of Burundi in Mwaro, to do so in order to build the country.