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The Minister of Public Service, Labor and Employment has met the staff of Bujumbura City Council


May 24, 2022

Bujumbura May 23rd (ABP) – The Minister of Public Service, Labor and Employment Dr. Thaddée Ndikumana accompanies senior officials of that ministry including the permanent secretary, directors’ general and inspectors’ general met on Friday May 20 2022, the administrative officials of the City Council of Bujumbura from the base to the top to explain to them the functioning of the ministry and how the City Council can work in synergy with the ministry to meet the various challenges that haunt the labor sector.

In his speech, the Minister of the Public Service indicated that the objective of the said visit is to implement the recommendation of the government which organized visits to the level of the provinces for all the ministries. According to him, the Ministry of public service made a field trip in Bujumbura City Council and specifies that the latter is delighted to find the executives of the Bujumbura City Council at work. He also indicated that the other objective of the said visit was to be able to discuss with the administrative staff of the Town Hall of Bujumbura, on the contributions that the ministry can bring to the executives of the administration of the City Council in relation to the respect and implementation of the labor code and also to the administrative reform that is underway at the country level as well as performance management.

Dr. Ndikumana did not forget to mention that at the level of his ministry, we have the general labor and social security inspectorate which, in its functions, supervises and inspects private companies. According to the Minister in charge of labor, he deplored that there are many companies working in Bujumbura Town Hall which do not work while not respecting the law. He cited companies that do not contribute for their employees to the INSS, those who do not pay taxes to the OBR, those who do not provide necessary equipment to their employees and others. As it is in Bujumbura where there are most companies, there are regulations to implement them, the assistance of the administration of the Town Hall is needed so that decent work can be a reality in the Bujumbura City Council even for small trades, small businesses, explaining that we are talking about the worker who contributes to production.

The minister praised the way in which this visit took place adding also that we have put in place focal points so that from now on, the inspections which are carried out in the town hall of Bujumbura or the visits on the ground by senior officials of the ministry, the reports can be shared with the administration of the Town Hall, arguing that the observation was that the local administration can contribute to advancing the work of the ministry.

The Minister hopes that by working in synergy, we can meet the challenges that have been observed.

The Mayor of the Bujumbura City, Mr. Jimmy Hatungimana, in turn, commended the field trip of the Minister of the Public Service, Labor and Employment, specifying that there are certain State officials including those of the Town Hall of Bujumbura who have forgotten the tasks assigned to them. He supported the idea of ​​the Ministry of the Public Service to work in synergy with the Bujumbura City Council explaining that we will find solutions together for certain problems. The Mayor of the city of Bujumbura took this opportunity to invite the ministry to come back to explain to the staff of the City Council the content of the labor code saying that there are certain articles which require clarification.