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Cases of crop theft on the ground and in households have been talked about in recent days


May 19, 2022

 been talked about in recent days

MWARO May 18th (ABP) – A man known by the name of Juvenal Sabushimike from Nyakibari village, Kayokwe commune of Mwaro province has been in the hands of the police since Sunday May 15, 2022, accused of committing theft of standing crops, said -we learned from administrative sources.

The leader of the Nyakibari village Mr. Pascal Ndikumana affirmed that information, noting that at the home of the accused thief, there were found 8 bunches of bananas, a bag of cocoyams, half full, and uprooted peas in the fields of the population of that locality.

The accused of theft accepted the act, stating that he committed it on the night of May 14 to 15.

Mr. Ndikumana also reported that during this period, the people of that locality is visiting their cultivation fields to check whether those banana bunches and other crops seized would not be uprooted from their properties.

He said that it was thanks to the good collaboration of the joint security committee and the population of Nyakibari village that Mr. Sabushimike was caught. The accused of the theft was taken to the cell of the communal police station of Kayokwe, for justice to be done.

Mr. Ndikumana also reported that on May 16, a 20-year-old boy known as Fulgence Ndayisenga was beaten and sentenced for stealing a loincloth from a household in that village. He too is in the hands of the communal police of Kayokwe. That village administration asks people to always be united and to strengthen surveillance to protect their crops at all times.