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The dance clubs are invited to enter the “Dance for peace” Tambira Amahoro competition to enrich themselves artistically


May 12, 2022

GITEGA May 11th (ABP) – The Ndudi Team All business event agency is organizing a dance competition entitled “Dance for peace” Tambira Amahoro at the venue of the dance clubs of the Bujumbura City Council, Gitega, Ngozi and Kayanza for an envelope of 5,000,000 Burundian francs for the winning club of the competition, 3,000,000 the second and 2,000,000 the third.

That project was funded by Brarudi via Viva Malt and Viva Tangawizi beverages and Lisbon Technology via its Bujapay application.

Dr. Jean Claude Majambere, the representative of the event agency Ndudi Team All business, indicated that the Dance for peace project aims to make Burundian dance a valuable, professional and excellent tool, capable of generating income of such way that the artist-dancer lives off his art by selling it.

According to Dr. Majambere, Ndudi team organized that competition in the four provinces of intervention within the framework of choosing the best dancers of each target province in order to strengthen their artistic capacities, produce professional dancers who have dance as a remunerative profession, bring closer dance to culture, develop a generation of trained and informed dancers at both a technical and professional level, encourage young people to create income-generating choreographic sequences attached to Burundian culture and finally develop the creativity of dancers in relation to composition and rhythm.

That is why, according to him, the months of September, October and November are reserved for training in Peacebuilding, Making Cent, Digital Marketing, Leadership and entrepreneurship for dancers from clubs who have obtained the right to participate in the phase semifinal.

Based on that, the representative of the event agency Ndudi Team All business announced that in the playoff phase is scheduled from July 15 to August 14, 2022. He reported that each province in the interior of the country will be represented by 3 first clubs. In the municipality of Bujumbura, each commune will also be represented by 3 clubs, he added.

According to him, the semi-final is scheduled for December 18, 2022 at Kugasaka stadium in Ngozi province to select 10 clubs that will meet in the final phase scheduled for December 25, 2022 at Kumutwenzi / Safi beach in Bujumbura Town Hall. The 1st club, according to Majambere, will have an envelope of 5,000,000 BIF, the second 3,000,000 and the third 2,000,000 BIF.

Dr Majambere informed interested parties that registration has been in progress since May 01 and will end on May 31, 2022 by going to the link https://forms.gle/4H54AZPxhwCRHKTY6 or via the Facebook page of “Dance for peace » Tambira Amahoro while cracking on the link mentioned there.

Note that those ten million BIF which will be awarded to the first three in that competition were financed by the company Libson Technology via its Bujapay application.