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Transport fare prices have been raised both in Bujumbura City and upcountry


May 6, 2022

BUJUMBURA May 6th (ABP) – The Minister of Trade, Transport, Industry and Tourism, Mrs. Marie Chantal Nijimbere, issued on Wednesday, May 4, 2022, the press release relating to the revision of transport ticket prices both in Bujumbura city and in the interior of the country, following the recent increase in fuel prices, which took place on April 28, 2022.

Mrs. Nijimbere specified in the press release that, taking into account the general interest of all stakeholders, the price of transport by bus in Bujumbura city is set at 550 BIF, while the price of transport by bus in the outlying quarters are set according to the route.

Thus, the price of the transport fare in the outlying quarters is set at 600 BIF for the city center – Mirango roundabout route, at 650 BIF for the city center – Kiriri route and at 700 BIF for the city center-Buterere and city center-Carama routes. The price of transport is set at 750 BIF for the city center – Kamesa route, at 900 BIF for the city center – Ruziba, at 950 BIF for the city center – Rubirizi and at 1000 BIF for the city center ​​- Maramvya, city center – Busigo and city center – Gatumba routes.

As for the interior of the country, the price of the transport fare is fixed at 2000 BIF for the Bujumbura – Muzinda route, at 2500 BIF for the Bujumbura – Gitaza, Muyinga – Kobero and Ngozi – Masanganzira routes. It is fixed at 3000 BIF for the Bujumbura – Gihanga, Bujumbura – Musenyi, Ngozi – Kayanza and Ruyigi – Cankuzo routes, and at 3500 BIF for the Bujumbura – Bugarama route.

For the Bujumbura – Bubanza, Bujumbura – Buganda, Bujumbura – Magara, Rutana – Gihofi and Karusi – Muyinga routes, the transport fare price is set at 4000 BIF, while it is fixed at 4500 BIF for the Bujumbura – Ijenda, Bujumbura-Minago and Gitega-Kibumbu routes. The paid transport price is now set at 5000 BIF for the Bujumbura – Bukeye and Bujumbura – Muramvya routes, and at 5500 BIF for Gitega – Mwaro.

The price of the transport fare is fixed at 6000 BIF for Bujumbura – Rugombo and Bujumbura – Rumonge, at 6500 BIF for the Bujumbura – Mugamba, Bujumbura – Mwaro, Gitega – Karusi, Gitega – Rutana, Gitega – Ruyigi, Gitega – Ngozi, Cankuzo – Muyinga, Rutana – Makamba, Ngozi – Muyinga, and Ngozi – Kirundo routes.

For the Bujumbura – Nyeshenza and Bujumbura – Kibumbu routes, the transport fare prices are fixed at 7000 BIF and 7500 BIF respectively, while the transport fare price for the Bujumbura – Gitega, Bujumbura – Bururi, Bujumbura – Kayanza, Bujumbura – Mabayi and Bujumbura – Matana routes, is fixed at 8000 BIF and at 8500 BIF for Gitega – Cankuzo and Gitega – Muyinga.

According to that press release, the price of the transport fare is now fixed at 9500 BIF for Bujumbura – South Kiremba, at 11000 BIF for Bujumbura – Bukirasazi, Bujumbura – Gishubi, Bujumbura – Kivuruga, Bujumbura – Mabanda and Bujumbura – Rutana, and at 12000 BIF for Bujumbura – Masanganzira and Bujumbura – Karusi routes.

Through the same press release, the fare price is fixed at 12500 BIF for Bujumbura – Buraza, Bujumbura – Makamba, at 13500 BIF for Bujumbura – Kirundo and Bujumbura – Muyinga, at 14000 BIF for Bujumbura – Ruyigi, at 15000 BIF for Bujumbura – Kobero and 16000 BIF for Bujumbura -Cankuzo.

Mrs. Nijimbere further clarified that the present transport fare price fixing comes into force from May 4, 2022, thus calling on carriers to bring passengers to the usually recognized destination points. She called on the public administration and the road safety services to help the said ministry for the respect for these transport fare prices throughout the national territory.