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The CNDD-FDD party has assisted twelve vulnerable households in Muramvya


Apr 27, 2022

MURAMVYA April 26th (ABP) – A donation of 214 sheets was granted last weekend to twelve vulnerable households in Muramvya commune by the family of the Minister of Public Service and Employment, Dr. Thaddée Ndikumana, member of the CNDD- FDD, a native of Muramvya commune and province, a check on the site by ABP has revealed.

Each of these households received 22 sheets to cover the roofs of their houses, which are among the 274 built by the CNDD-FDD party this year in all the municipalities of the province, according to the provincial secretary of this political formation. The latter warmly welcomed the efforts of Minister Ndikumana who gives himself body and soul to support the activities of his political party as well as those related to provincial development, he said.

In his speech, Mr. Ndikumana said that the construction of houses for the vulnerable, which is normally carried out by the government, but given that, according to him, these activities have just been carried out by the party in which the government comes remarkable contribution so that members and non-members can advance in development without discrimination.

Minister Ndikumana remarked that he and his family welcome the fact that the Almighty has helped to have the donation of sheets granted to the vulnerable beneficiaries. He asked other natives of Muramvya to follow suit so that they can cover the roofs of houses that need it.

Speaking of the census recently made on housing, he recalled that Muramvya province occupied the first place in the ranking of provinces with fewer straw houses. He indicated that it will be important to reduce to zero the number of this type of maisonette before the end of this year in Muramvya province.

As for the governor of the province, Mr. Diomède Nzambimana who is also a member of the ruling party, he very positively appreciated the support of Minister Ndikumana for the development and the beautiful image of his native province.

Mr. Nzambimana asked the Bagumyabanga of the province to support the activities of the administration at all levels. This to help in the implementation of the will of the President of the Republic who wants that being together, everything is possible, he hammered.

The Bagumyabanga were called upon by Governor Nzambimana to be exemplary in organization and participation in the development of families, communes and the province.

It should be noted that this activity of distributing sheet metal to the vulnerable was preceded by a meeting of CNDD-FDD party members from Muramvya commune who then participated in work related to sheet metal roofing for some of the houses built by the CNDD-FDD in the Mpehe village of the Bugarama zone.