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Burundi is committed to developing the tourism sector


Apr 22, 2022

GITEGA April 22nd (ABP) – The Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Trade, Transport, Industry and Tourism, Dr Catherine Faïda proceeded on Tuesday April 19, 2022 in Gitega (center of the country), to the opening of the 4-day workshop for the various stakeholders in the tourism sector in Burundi in order to draw up the national tourism policy by proposing useful and quality recommendations capable of guiding and enlightening all those parties in view of its actual emergence.

                                                                     View of participants

In her speech for the occasion, Mrs. Faïda said that the tourism sector has a place of choice in the economic growth of the country. According to her, is for this reason that the government of Burundi is deploying its efforts for this sector to be developed in order to contribute enormously in the transformation of the Burundian economy in order to increase job creativity and the well-being of the people, within the framework of the National Development Plan (PND) 2018-2027.

Dr. Faïda further indicated that no one can deny that Burundi has enormous potentials of tourism because, she said, it has a series of landscape, vegetation and millions of rare species making a sympathy for Africa.

According to her, the goal of the government of Burundi to develop the tourism sector cannot be a reality without having a national tourism policy guaranteeing the revitalization of tourism in all its forms through the improvement of the supply, stimulation of demand for tourism products, improvement of the quality of tourism supply, development of infrastructure suitable for international conferences and other major events, capacity building in suitable human resources and construction of infrastructure in areas with great tangible tourist potential.

Note that the orientation framework for the development of tourism as well as the legal, regulatory and organizational framework of this sector are the best ways to make tourism a real lever for economic growth.