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The Kiremba and Migera hills of Kabezi commune are threatened by landslides


Apr 20, 2022

BUJUMBURA April 20th (ABP) – The Kabezi commune is facing the consequences of climate change. The observation was made during the trip of the national communication and information network on disaster risk reduction in Kabezi commune with the support of UNDP. On the Kiremba hill and sub-hill of the Ramba zone, the landslides carried away houses and belongings of the people without sparing the fields.

Kiremba village leader Ambroise Ntitangirageza, met on the site, noted that warning signs were noticed in July 2021 with the appearance of cracks which were spreading from day to day in the month of October. With the consultation of the administrative authorities, including the governor, 16 families concerned were evacuated to be accommodated by host families. He noted that 8 houses were completely destroyed.

The affected people met on the site, indicated that they are currently facing the consequences of that relocation. Unable to take their pets with them, they were sold. They ask the administrative officials to find them another place. They suggest that they be associated with people affected by the rising water of Rusizi that will be relocated to Kabezi.

On Migera hill, Ceri sub-hill of the same commune, part of the land broke off and slid towards the Karonge river. A crater with several meters high has been created from the remaining part of the hill to the river. The landslides washed away crops of cassava, beans, oil palms and fruit trees that are either in the river or around it.

On the other side of the river on the Gihangange hill, cracks with several meters thick are noticeable. The same situation can happen at any time. Emmanuel Sabato, resident of that hill, expressed concern every time the rain falls. For him, the victims including him, find themselves in poverty: they will no longer be able to meet the needs of their children because the fields which constituted their sources of income have been washed away. He asks the benefactors to help them.

According to Emmanuel Nibizi, leader of the Migera village, the landslides started on March 28 and 29. However, before this date, warning signs had been noticed because the cracks were becoming too thick and numerous. He estimates that 64 hectares of fields were washed away. For him, 10 houses are threatened with the same fate as the fields.

The permanent executive secretary of the administrator of Kabezi, Ferdinand Ndanezerewe, indicated that 4 hills of that commune are affected by this situation. In addition to the Kiremba and Migera hills, these are the Mubone and Rugembe hills.

Regarding the measures taken by that commune, he said that the first is the relocation of the victims, proposing the creation of villages of peace as a sustainable alternative. He calls on the people to show solidarity with the victims by meeting their basic needs.

For him, those landslides result from climate change which is mainly observed in the way the rain falls unlike in past years.