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The media are called upon to contribute to the dissemination of statistical data.


Apr 18, 2022

BUJUMBURA April 18th (ABP) – The Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies of Burundi (ISTEEBU) proceeded, on Friday April 15, 2022, in Bujumbura, to the launch of a workshop to validate the communication strategy for the national statistics System (SSN) to make the activities of the SSN better known and to obtain the membership of all the partners in order to meet the needs of the users, and calls on the media to help in the related communication.

The Director of the department in charge of economic statistics, Mr. Jean Claude Sibomana, indicated that the SSN is a strategic document which was drawn up by Mrs. Yollande Nintunze (the consultant) for it to be a channel of communication between the technical partners and the SSN, in particular the ISTEEBU.

Mr. Sibomana also informed that the communication strategy of the National Statistical System is designed to help communicate statistical data with internal and external audiences to increase transparency and accountability within the SSN and the general public.

He also indicated that to achieve the goal, the communication strategy proposes the establishment of a communication unit and a statistical communication strategy in all sectoral structures to guide decision-makers on important issues.

Regarding the challenges encountered within the SSN, Mr. Sibomana showed that these challenges are related to the dissemination of information such as the discrepancies between official figures and figures with international organizations. He pointed out that with the SSN those gaps will be reduced.

As for the consultant who presented the document, she indicated that the public needs statistics to better understand the facts and developments and to guarantee democratic control of the policy put in place.

Mrs. Yollande Nintunze said that the vision of that communication strategy is to produce, publish and disseminate, on time, statistical data of the quality required for the monitoring and implementation of development policy, programs and projects, and that its mission is to give starting points and priorities in the field of statistical communication within the SSN.

Consultant Nintunze did not forget to specify the purpose of the national statistical system such as that of collection, processing and analysis as well as that of the dissemination and archiving of the statistical information necessary for the development and conduct of the economic and social policies of the State and in the decision-making of public and private companies and civil society.

She took the opportunity to call on the media to initiate statistical literacy with programs and sketches. She also asked them to regularly communicate important statistical data as is done for those of the IGEBU on national television and initiate a media synergy to reach the general public as well as the establishment of statistical focal points in all local media.