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Towards twinning between a Norwegian municipality and two municipalities in Bujumbura province


Apr 4, 2022

BUJUMBURA April 4th (ABP) – A deputy elected in the constituency of Bujumbura (western Burundi), Mrs. Saouda Mboneko, indicated Thursday, March 31, in the headquarters of Mutimbuzi commune that the Norwegian authorities have welcomed her grievances. It was during a briefing on the visit she has just made to that country during these parliamentary holidays.

Indeed, with one stone two birds, while staying to visit her family, she took the opportunity, she reported, to request hearings from the Norwegian authorities and was respectively received by the administrator of the municipality Stjordal, the authorities of the stjordalchic church and the women leaders of the Christian party who led the said commune.

According to Mrs. Mboneko, the purpose of those interviews was first to learn and then to request a match.

She said that she was informed about the organization of this commune in different sectors, namely education, health, good governance with particular emphasis on decentralization.

On that point, she noted that the Norwegian municipality is organized in the image of a Burundian municipality, the only difference being that the Norwegian municipality is advanced compared to that of Burundi, from the point of view of autonomy, because civil servants of all sectors are paid by the municipality.

During those interviews, Mrs. Mboneko requested twinning between Stjordal commune and two communes in Bujumbura province, namely Mutimbuzi and Isare. She claimed that her request resulted in the right results and even gifts were exchanged. The next step is the continuation of talks between the authorities of Bujumbura province, the two communes and those of the Stjordal commune with a view to reaching a twinning agreement, she added before handing over gifts sent by the administrator of Stjordal to the administrators of Mutimbuzi and Isare.

Speaking at the microphone of the ABP, the administrator of the Mutimbuzi commune, Mr. Siméon Butoyi indicated that the twinning between his commune and that of Stjordal will be of great importance insofar as Norway being an advanced country and developed, its experience can inspire the Mutimbuzi commune as to its organization and development projects.