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The spokespersons of the various ministries answered the questions of the people in a public conference


Mar 29, 2022

RUTANA March 28th (ABP) – A public conference was held on Friday, March 25, 2022, in Rutana province (south-eastern Burundi), where the spokespersons of the government, the President of the Republic and the ministries responded to questions from the public.

To introduce the conference, the spokesperson for the President of the Republic, Mrs. Evelyne Butoyi, said that the President welcomes the involvement of the population in the framework of development projects. He calls on the population not to waste the harvests, when they are good, she said. According to Mrs. Butoyi, the President of the Republic invites the youth gathered in cooperatives to apply to banks to receive loans and start their development projects.

Regarding relations between Burundi and Rwanda, the question was asked about the content of the correspondence between the Burundian president and that of Rwanda, a few weeks ago. On that, Mrs. Butoyi noted that she would not know exactly the content of the correspondence but indicated that surely this content revolves around the normalization of relations between the two countries.

Regarding the concern to know when Burundi’s borders with Rwanda will be open when Rwanda has opened its borders on its side, the spokesman for the President of the Republic replied that the process has been initiated, raising that everything is being implemented for an effective opening soon.

Compared to some heads of institutions who are not punished when they commit serious professional misconduct, as advocated by the president, Mrs. Butoyi replied that rather it is the opposite. She gave examples, raising in passing the advisers to the presidency who were sanctioned for lack of delay in service.

Concerning the measure of delimitation of the circulation areas of the taxi-bicycles, taxi-motorcycles and tricycles where the population considered that it will have rather negative impacts on its life, Mrs. Butoyi noted that this measure was taken after well-researched studies carried out. She wanted to reassure the people who were hit by this measure, that the positive effects will be seen by the population, especially in the security sector.

The spokesperson within the ministry in charge of public security, Mr. Pierre Nkurikiye specified that a study was carried out and concluded that the accidents caused were significant. Some 300 people died as a result of those accidents last year, at the rate of one death per day. While 10 people were injured, including 5 who became disabled, were recorded over the same period. For him, this measure has made it possible to rectify that situation, since Monday, no accident has been recorded.