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The T4NB association encourages the people to participate in the development of the country


Mar 17, 2022

BUJUMBURA March 16th (ABP) – The association Together for a New Burundi (T4NB) aims to encourage the Burundian population to participate in the development of the country, we learned on Friday March 11, 2022 during the presentation of the five-year strategic plan (2022-2026) of that association during the ceremonies of the celebration of the international day dedicated to startups (beginners in entrepreneurship).

The legal representative of that association, Mr. Jean Marie Vianney Ndoricimpaye, told the press that the T4NB association plans to launch itself especially in the main areas, namely youth entrepreneurship, sanitation, water and environment, environmental protection, social innovation, financial education and above all the change of mentality. He said that this association has already carried out a lot of activities since its approval in March 2020, among others, support for flood victims in Gatumba, assistance to victims of bad weather in Bubanza, and participation in the support of poor people in Ruyigi province by giving them health assistance cards.

The T4NB association was able to organize community work in the provinces of Bubanza, Bujumbura rural, Bujumbura City Council, Gitega, Ngozi and Ruyigi, not to mention the organization of conferences at the University of Burundi, the University of the Great Lakes, the polytechnic university of Gitega as well as the creation of clubs for young children in basic schools in the provinces of Bubanza, Ruyigi and Bururi.

As for the challenges encountered, Mr. Ndoricimpaye said that almost everyone does not understand how an association can evolve without means. To this end, he asked the government to support this association because, he said, this association has young people who have undergone certified training outside the country, which allows them to implement the priorities of the government. He also asked the general population to trust that association and not to confuse it with other associations that they have already seen in the past because, he explained, the T4NB association has a well-prepared youth and that it is in the process of integrating other young people with values ​​of unity, love and solidarity. He particularly asked young people to keep the courage and to think about changing the world starting at home.

Mr. Ndoricimpaye continued by noting that the T4NB association works in collaboration with other associations, specifying that it remains to sign partnerships with its associations to develop their activities in co-responsibility and co-governance. He also pointed out that the young people who have received training abroad as part of the Together for a New Africa project are young leaders who lead other associations which, in turn, train other young people.

The expert in entrepreneurship, Mr. Ernest Nikobahoze, said in his presentation that the entrepreneur is the one who initiates change and that any man can make himself useful by the good he can do. “Nothing comes from nothing. The treasure of a man is activity,” said expert Nikobahoze, adding that the value of a man lies in his ability to give and not to receive, while the lazy person is the king of unfinished works. Mr. Nikobahoze also listed around thirty causes of failure in the entrepreneurial field, namely an unfavorable hereditary background, the lack of a well-defined goal in life, the lack of ambition to go beyond mediocrity, lack of self-discipline, poor health, bad childhood influences, lack of perseverance and a negative personality. It is also about the uncontrolled desire to have “something for nothing”, one or more of the six basic fears, poor choice of spouse, excessive caution, poor choice of business associates, superstition and prejudice, mistaken vocation and dispersal of one’s efforts.

To those already mentioned causes of failure are added lack of enthusiasm, intolerance, inability to cooperate, possession of power not acquired by one’s own efforts, intentional dishonesty, selfishness and vanity. as well as estimation instead of reflection.

As for the factors of success, the expert Nikobahoze pointed out that it is necessary to forget the past, to remember its successes, to think big, to associate the two infallible forces of its change, to develop its autonomy, to cultivate its strengths, to raise its standards, be determined, become a great specialist by learning a new knowledge every day, act immediately and know the secret forces of success.

Regarding the secret strengths of success, Mr. Nikobahoze revealed that one must always be honest, accept one’s failures and learn from them, savor one’s problems by stopping seeing them as something negative, focus on one’s strengths as the sun which, by passing through a magnifying glass, can light a fire, do it differently, that is, stop copying and being a follower as well as clean up his workplace.