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The Magarama trading center renewal works will resume soon


Mar 9, 2022

GITEGA March 8th (ABP) – Merchants who do petty trading at the new Magarama trading center warmly thank the association of natives of this district and the administration of the Gitega commune who have set up this small market in the district. as they worked along the road, where at some point they suffered accidents. These merchants ask that this trading center be lit and covered with sheets like that of Rutonde for the smooth running of their activities.

A woman of 7 children, Mrs. Pascaline Nzokirantevye, originally from Giheta commune on Kiremera hill with more than 30 years of experience in small business, welcomed the development projects initiated by the natives of the Magarama district in collaboration with the commune. Gitega. These include the development of the new trading center located between 2nd and 3rd Avenue, the ongoing tracing of paved roads in this district and others.

Mrs. Nzokirantevye asks the municipality and the natives to cover the Magarama trading center with sheets to allow them to go about their business normally because, according to her, traffic stops when it rains or when it is dark because of the lack of light in some places. She also reported that sometimes merchants suffer losses due to the deterioration of certain goods due to the sun.

Despite that initiative on the part of natives of the Magarama district and the Gitega commune, some merchants who work in this small market are unhappy with the way it has been laid out.

Munezero Marie José, during an interview with the journalist of the check by ABP in Gitega, let it be known that some of their people lament that they lack customers following a small width of communication channels of this center. Mr. Munezero and his fellow students ask the competent authorities to reorganize this center again by tracing communication channels in the horizontal axis to allow customers to circulate everywhere and buy the goods of their choice. Others call for the installation of lighting systems throughout the center.

The administrator of Gitega commune, Dr. Jacques Nduwimana reassures these merchants. He said that with the support of the municipality, the natives of this district will soon continue to renew this center by setting up covers, lighting systems as well as the reorganization of certain places inside the market.