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Closing of the ordinary parliamentary session for the month of December 2021


Mar 2, 2022

GITEGA March 1st (ABP) – Burundian senators will continue to join the people in monitoring the implementation of bills passed and adopted. They will also continue to listen to the grievances of the people, without forgetting to sensitize them to preserve peace and security, while supporting them in development works.

The President of the Burundian Senate, Mr. Emmanuel Sinzohagera delivered these remarks, on Monday February 28, 2022, in his closing speech at the ordinary parliamentary session of December 2021. Since the government has dedicated the year 2022 to the agriculture, he reassured that the members of the senate will do their best to sensitize the population on the practice of modern agriculture.

View of the senators

Previously, the president of the Burundian senate had congratulated the Burundian government and the friends of Burundi for the active involvement they showed for the lifting of the sanctions imposed by the European Union against Burundi.

Furthermore, he took stock of the activities carried out during the aforesaid ordinary session. He cited among others the representation of the people, the passing of laws, the strengthening of cooperation between the senate and other institutions or associations and the implementation of the laws voted.

For more details, Mr. Sinzohagera said that the senate adopted ten bills out of the fourteen that the government had sent to it. The president of the senate organized visits to the provinces to discuss with the administrators on the change of mentality in order to engage Burundi on the path of development.

As for the leaders of religious denominations, the president of the senate challenged them to be good pastors.

The ceremonies that took place in the hemicycle of the Senate of Gitega saw the participation of senators, some representatives of diplomatic and consular missions accredited in Burundi and officials of public and private services of Gitega.