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The cooperative for the change of mentality contributes in community development


Feb 23, 2022

BUJUMBURA February 23rd (ABP) – The leader of the Cooperative for Change of Mentality (COOPCM) Ntawutoterimbere, Mr. Evariste Bizimana, said during an interview he gave to a check by ABP on Tuesday, February 15th, 2022, that this cooperative contributes to the sustainable development of the country.

Mr. Bizimana said that this cooperative was formed in 2014 by 40 entrepreneurs and settled in the Kamenge zone of the urban commune of Ntahangwa, with a capital of 10 million BIF, specifying that each member contributed a sum of 250 thousand francs.

According to the COOPCM leader, the goal of that cooperative is to change the mentality of young unemployed people and help them create their jobs by teaming up in cooperatives or associations in order to avoid unemployment and support the development of the country.

He added that those entrepreneurs started their activities in two areas, such as pig farming and agriculture. In the area of ​​livestock, he said they raised the pigs and now own 602 pigs and gave job to 12 young boys to herd and feed those pigs.

Mr. Bizimana also pointed out that within that cooperative, which wishes a better future for the young people and the small traders who are in the cooperative, the shareholders have founded the micro-loan in order to give their members the paid off loans, meaning that it would contribute to reducing unemployment by creating employment. The COOPCM leader took the opportunity to invite young people to team up in cooperatives for their self-development.

In the field of agriculture, he indicated that they grew potatoes in a few hectares based in Mwaro commune. That cooperative also manufactures maize flour to supply to their customers. As for the benefits that members earn in the cooperative, Mr. Bizimana cited in particular the sharing of profits at the end of the year and the members receive small repayable loans, especially at the Youth Investment Bank (BLJE).

That cooperative also bought a plot in the Tenga district in Mutimbuzi commune to build a hotel, and it plans to initiate other projects soon, in particular the construction of a health center and primary and secondary schools in order to give employment to the young unemployed, he continues to say.

Mr. Bizimana reported that the beginning of the activities was not easy, where sometimes they were forced to make sacrifices. He admires the step taken while indicating that they have already formed 30 groups of 25 people composed of small traders, in order to help them develop. Each group must have a leader who gives a report to the cooperative every month, he explained.

The leader of the COOPCM did not forget to testify that thanks to that cooperative, they are able to meet their daily needs. It is in that context that he invited young people to tackle entrepreneurship by initiating income-generating activities because entrepreneurship is a pillar of sustainable development. He asked the government to support, if possible, young entrepreneurs, by giving them sufficient information.