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The CODEBU party aims to promote democratic culture to find the solution to the problems that haunt Burundi


Jan 26, 2022

BUJUMBURA January 25th (ABP) – The leader of the Council for Democracy and Sustainable Development of the Country (CODEBU iragi rya ndadaye), Mr. Kefa Nibizi hosted a meeting on Saturday January 22, 2022 for members of that party.

That meeting, specifies Mr. Nibizi, had the objective of analyzing the politico-socio-economic situation of the country from June 2020 until December 2021 and to make the self-assessment of the activities of that party since last year.

The leader CODEBU party, indicated during this meeting, that the national steering committee (CDN) of this party is satisfied with the tranquility which reigns in the country as well as the good cohabitation between the political parties and the administration, stressing that despite all this, there are some shortcomings at the level of the local administration, he underlined.

Among these shortcomings, Mr. Nibizi pointed out that there is still fear for part of the population, which is struggling to act freely in political parties of their choice and is asking the ministry in charge of the management of political parties and all those concerned to identify the causes of this fear so that citizens can be politically free.

With regard to good governance, the president of the CODEBU party indicated that the CDN supports the commitment of the Head of State to combat economic embezzlement and to redress all those who do not work to the satisfaction of the population. It demands that the fight against corruption and economic embezzlement be carried out by the organs of the state which have been established by law.

He also asks the government of Burundi to favor performance in the granting of technical jobs or technical positions which are given by appointment, stressing that these positions are occupied by a single political party, especially at the level of provinces and communes.

Based on the adage of the Head of State who says that: “Turikumwe twese birashoboka”, Mr. Nibizi specified that the CDN asks that all technical positions be given in transparency, he also asks to avoid the monopoly in the appointment to these posts.

The leader of the “CODEBU iragi rya Ndadaye” party did not fail to show their concern at the level of the country’s economy, which is related to the galloping rise in the prices of basic necessities and the shortage of these, which do not correspond with the increase in the purchasing power of the Burundian population.

On that issue, the CDN committee calls on the Burundian government to encourage the policy of increasing agro-pastoral production and to properly organize the granting of financial support reserved for cooperatives, so as not to cause enormous losses and set up the follow-up committee in relation to this funding.

He also did not forget to speak of the committee’s concern for the unemployment observed in Burundian society. On this, he recommended that students follow a short technical or craft education, which will allow them self-care after their school course.

Regarding the promotion of democratic culture, Mr. Nibizi said that the national steering committee of CODEBU considers that the majority of the problems that haunt the country are due to poor governance caused by a democratic culture still in deficit.

To find a solution to those problems, he indicated that this committee has decided to establish a school of democracy under the adage: “We live as we are governed”, specifying that in this school, he will be the opportunity to explain to the population that their daily experience in the politico-socio-economic field largely depends on the form of governance applied by the leaders of the country.

When asked why this party changed its name to not be called FRODEBU, Mr. Nibizi said that it was to avoid confusion on the part of their activists who observed themselves during the 2020 elections.