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Rail transport offers comparative advantages over road


Jan 24, 2022

BUJUMBURA January 21st (ABP) – Rail transport, known as international, offers remarkable advantages over road, explained the Minister of Trade, Transport, Industry and Tourism, Mrs. Marie Chantal Nijimbere, before the elected by the people, during the analysis and adoption of the draft law on the railway transport code in Burundi.

The Minister in charge of Transport pointed out that the interest in rail transport also stems from the capacity to transport mass products (industrial, agricultural), the low cost of transport, greater safety transport of goods, a longer lifespan of rail infrastructure, which provides better organized transport.

                                                                                           View of the MPs during the vote

East African Community (EAC) countries have recognized the need to streamline rail transport development and harmonize transport operations along major transport corridors, through the EAC Member Countries Railway Master Plan. EAC (East African Railway Master Plan), Mrs. Nijimbere added.

Based on article 73 of that bill relating to rail transport, members of the lower house of parliament wanted to know the relationship between the regulatory authority and the safety authority. They also suggested that the law relating to compensation be revised in order to increase the amount of compensation granted to the population deprived of their land properties for public utility.

The representative of the government indicated that the regulatory authority is responsible for coordinating all activities related to rail transport, whether it is the rails and the transport tools as well as the users and the personnel who work in that sector, and any other activity relating to rail transport, while the safety authority is a department of the regulatory authority which deals specifically with safety on rail transport.

Recall that after the in-depth analysis of that bill and the question-and-answer session, the bill on the rail transport code in Burundi was adopted unanimously with 107 votes cast including 23 proxies.